Male Enhancement Pills and Alcohol Consumption: Risks and Benefits.

It is a well-known fact that alcohol is harmful for health. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption negatively impacts brains, heart, vessels and all inner organs – liver, gastric, pancreatic gland and so on. And still, some men firmly believe that moderate consumption of strong drinks is harmless and even good for health. In particular, many stronger sex representatives associate sex with alcohol.

Does Alcohol have Any Benefits?

Male Enhancement Pills and Alcohol Consumption: Risks and Benefits.

If we are speaking of completely healthy men, some alcohol beverages can really have a short-term positive effect on their state. Regarding to the sphere of sexual activity this positive effect can manifest itself in the following forms:

  • Alcohol effectively removes stress and anxiety, making a man more relaxed and self-confident. It is important for those who are too nervous, or can’t quickly switch from the thoughts of their work to sex.
  • Sex drive. To some extent alcohol acts like an aphrodisiac. This is especially true for natural wine with a rich flavor or Champaign. Both men and women report of a higher degree of arousal after a couple of drinks. A higher arousal combined with a deeper relaxation makes people more inclined to experimenting and as a result more satisfied.
  • Though weird it can sound, small portions of alcohol really improve the quality of erection in men. Ethanol has a vasodilating effect and it helps to thin blood, which results in a better circulation and, consequently, in a better erection. However, in some hours the reverse effect occurs: blood curdles and vessels get narrower.

All these positive effects really work if doses of alcohol are moderate. You may drink up to 100 ml of strong drink (whiskey, vodka), up to 200-300 ml of wine and up to 500 ml of high-quality beer without a noticeable harm for the health.

Alcohol and Male Pills: Risks

Despite some alcohol is allowed to healthy men, it is not recommended to those taking any types of drugs, including all kinds of sexual stimulators and drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. However some men continue drinking alcohol despite using Viagra, though doctors prevent against it:

  • Viagra influences the heart, and alcohol makes the negative impact stronger.
  • Alcohol reduces and slows down the effect of Viagra.
  • Side effects from taking Viagra can be stronger if it is taken with alcohol.

Nowadays there is a drug of new generation – Levitra – which is claimed to be compatible when alcohol. But even if you are prescribed Levitra, ask your doctor about the possibility of consuming strong drinks. If erectile dysfunction in your case is caused by heart problem, alcohol in combination with PDE-5 inhibitors can give undesired negative effects.

A Bottom Line

The best approach is to refuse from alcohol completely. Try to find alternative methods of retting relaxed before sex, for example, breathing exercises or auto-training. And special natural supplements, containing aphrodisiacs will help to enhance sex drive without the need of drinking. If you still can’t imagine sexual activity without alcohol or just want to relax a little together with your partner, you can take a couple of drinks. But try not to exceed the recommended dose. When you choose alcohol for a romantic date, try to opt for a good wine or cognac and refuse from beer. Beer contains female hormones and reduces testosterone, which has a negative effect on potency and overall sexual performance.