How to get to the root of ED and figure out the trigger for it?

When men start to have ED in their life then usually it bothers their women just as much as them. Usually, women presume that they are getting unattractive and therefore their husband simply can not get an erection because he is not impressed with them.
Experts have stated that it is rarely a case. When you are getting older and your body is not as young as it used to be then it actually affects your heart and your blood vessels in particular.
When your blood vessels are not functioning on the great level then blood does not go to your genitals and your erection is not happening at all. By the way when you see that erectile dysfunction is going to be a stable issue in your life then you have to wait up for certain heart problems. Usually, doctors say that ED is the first step toward serious heart conditions and other similar diseases. The reason for this is that your blood vessels in your heart are bigger than the one in your male genitals. That is why so many men who have strokes and various heart attacks have stated that ED was bothering them about a year before that.

Why is the ED usually caused by certain kind of physiological issues?

Some doctors who have been treating patients with ED and impotence have noticed that usually erection issues are caused by certain physiological problems.

– Stress is usually the most common trigger for impotency. All men usually are suffering from anxiety and stress one way or the other. For instance when they have certain kind of problem with work or some of the co-workers then they usually find it difficult to leave all the problems at work and come home happy and in a good mood. When you have serious health problems it may be caused by your constant stress and anxiety, therefore try to overcome all the stress issues and keep calm no matter what.
Depression is also a well-spread mental disease; so many men have a certain kind of depression due to various factors. You may become depressed because you have experienced a death of a very close person. Often depression is caused by the fact that man can not have good relationship and perform in bed as well as they used to when they were obviously younger.
– When you are taking certain antidepressants they may affect your blood vessels, therefore, your blood will not circulate properly in your body, unfortunately, it can lead to ED.
– Beta-blockers for an increased blood pressure can also affect your heart conditions and your erection in general.

In case you are willing to cure erectile dysfunction then you have to try Cialis. These drugs will give you a remarkable erection and you will not have to worry about possible side-effects. Usually, for healthy men, Cialis is not going to cause any harm to health. These pills have to be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse and they will let your erection be firm and hard for a long time.
Usually, erection disappears in your 3 hours, but in case it has not disappeared even when you ejaculated you have to call an ambulance or go to the doctor immediately because it is an awful side-effect.