How does Cialis work and how soon should I expect to have an erection?
Usually, Cialis works by directing your blood flow to your genitals. As soon as you will manage to take this pill without mixing with others then your blood will stay in your genitals and you will see that erection is very stable and firm for sure. Try to talk to your doctor in order to be absolutely sure that erection booster pill Cialis is acceptable for you. In case you have certain kind of inner bleeding problems and also in case you have been suffering from depression or other mental issues then you better talk to the shrink before in taking Cialis.

Is erection going to disappear as soon as I will ejaculate or is it going to stay with me for about a day?
Actually, the erection will go away the moment when you are finished with having sexual intercourse. Please remember that in case your erection stays and is not going away then you have done something wrong or your body reaction is a bad way to Cialis. Talk to the doctor in case you have been experiencing erection problems and erections for longer than 4 hours.
Try to be very attentive and never take any kind of pills that may interfere with Cialis right away.
Some men think that they may intake Cialis without talking to the doctor at all. We want to know that there is nothing shameful in talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction and other similar issues. On the contrary when you are not careful and mixing Cialis with other drugs and taking a bigger amount that your body require then you will see that side-effects are happening to you and damaging your body.

What amount of Cialis should I take in order to be sure that erection will be firm and I will not get overdose at all?
Usually, a doctor can tell you what amount of Cialis will not harm you regarding your medical history and other essential issues. Please keep in mind that Cialis is a strong drug that is usually used by people who are willing to cure ED. You may start with taking 10 mg pill and then go from there. In case this amount is Cialis is not going to be enough for you then you may increase the dosage. Better not do it on your own and let your doctor control the wholesome process of treatment.

I want to split the pill of Cialis in order to intake 5 mg pill an hour before sex and then take the other half of the pill he another day, can I do that?
Actually, it is not possible for you to take a half of the pill due to the reason that all the ingredients there are put totally unequally. Therefore you can see that erection may not happen because you will get a smaller amount of Cialis then you want to, or on the contrary, the amount of taking Cialis and other ingredients will be too strong and you will get chest pains and vision problems afterward. This particular drug actually is helpful but only when you’re careful and very much concentrated on following your doctor’s advice and not mixing Cialis with any other drugs at all.
Some men think that drinking wine and beer with Cillis is actually not a big deal at all. But we want you to know that it is a big deal. While taking not carefully Cialis may cause you various health problems and even headaches that may bug you regularly.

I want to mix Viagra and Cialis this evening, is it going to help me with getting a great erection?
Actually, you are not supposed to mix drugs such as Viagra Sildenafil and Cialis. Even when you are aware of the fact that they all have a similar effect still try to concentrate on one drug and let it help you.